Hot Off the Ice – The Men

#1 City Boy – Hockey player meets Farmer. Main couple: Bryce Lowrey and Dakota Wellington. First appearance for Robbie Rhodes and Jake Donovan. Takes place in Colorado on Dakota’s farm.

Bryce Lowrey

Bryce Lowery (35) – Forward, Seattle Thunder (retired). Raised by a single mom, superstar Bryce Lowery is the oldest of five kids. He left home at sixteen to start earning money for his family. Now thirty five years old and injured, he’s staring retirement in the face and he doesn’t know what to do. A blown tire, a chance encounter with a sexy white knight and an unexpected inheritance might just hold all the answers.

Dakota Wellington (25) – Farmer. Dakota has spent his whole life in one place. When the death of his adopted grandfather threatens to take it from him, Dakota is determined to fight with everything he has. Too bad all he has is a motorcycle and a GED.


Dakota Wellington

#2 Country Boy – College rivals meet again. Main couple: Robbie (Rhodie) Rhodes (also referred to as ‘the rookie’) and Paul (Bama) Dyson. First appearance for Sergei Pergov and Alex Staunton. Takes place in Seattle during the season.

Robbie Rhodes

Robbie Rhodes (21) – Defense, Seattle Thunder

Paul Stonewall Dyson, Jr. (22) – Defense, Seattle Thunder

Paul Dyson

#3 Skater Boy – Old friends find a new relationship. Main couple: Sergei (Sergs/Pergs) Ivanovich Pergov (Goalie) and Alex Staunton (Figure skater.) Many WAGs introduced. Alex’s cats, Torvill and Dean. First appearance of James (Vicky) McVicker. Sergei and Alex refer to each other by diminutive forms of their Russian Names of varying intimacy: Serhoya, Seryozha, Seryozhen'ka, Seryozhka, and Lysoha, Lyoshen’ka, Alexei. Takes place in Seattle during the season.

Sergei Pergov

Sergei Pergove (34) – Goalie, Seattle Thunder

Alex Staunton (25) – Former competitive figure skater.


Alex Staunton

#4 Boy Toys – Christmas novella. Ten years makes a big difference in a man. Main couple: Joey (Lucy, the Looch) Luciano and Liam (Judy) O’Reilly. The Luciano and O’Reilly families are introduced, and it’s all very confusing. Takes place entirely in Boston over Christmas Eve.

#5 Boy Next Door - continuation of Liam and Joey’s tumultuous story. Much more of the entire O’Reilly family including the youngest, Patrick, and Lorenzo (Nonno Lollo) Luciano. Takes place in Seattle during the season.

Joey Lucciano

Joey Lucciano (24) – Forward, Seattle Thunder

Liam O’Reilly (34) – Assistant Defensive Coach, Seattle Thunder. Former forward.

Liam O’Reilly

#6 Boys of Summer - Teammates, roommates, friends with benefits. What could go wrong? Main Couple: Patrick (Paddy) O’Reilly and James (Vicky) McVicker. It’s a family reunion at Bryce & Dakota’s wedding. Takes place off season in Seattle, Nantucket Island and many points in between.

Patrick O’Reilly

Patrick O’Reilly (26) – Forward, Seattle Thunder

James (Vicky) McVicker (24) – Goalie, Seattle Thunder


James McVicker