Skater Boy

Title: Skater Boy
Series: Hot Off the Ice #4
Pages: 334

Skater Boy is a story about falling in love with your best friend. It contains discussions about baby poop, day drinking, girls’ night out, and the purchase of a mini-van.

When his most recent poor decision comes to a door-slamming end, former Olympic figure skater Alex Stanton is forced to move into the house of his best friend, Thunder starting goalie, Sergei Pergov. It's just temporary. Then Sergei kisses him and everything changes.

Sergei doesn't care that Alex has no money, no career, no future. He makes more than enough for both of them. But Alex says he's done being a kept man. He'll find a way to make it on his own even if he has to move across the country to do it. But Sergei knows he needs Alex more than Alex needs him. Alex is the one who makes their house a home; his love makes them a family. How can Sergei make him see that there are thing more precious than money?

This is one of the best lifelong friends-to-lovers stories I've ever read. The whole cast is beautifully written, and the more who join in, the better it gets. And! I cannot believe how much parenting wisdom's in here! Particularly the 'pay attention to each other, too' parts. But all the other parts, too. Including that very last scene. 🙂 So typical.

Highest recommendation. You don't have to have read the series or know anything about hockey. But you should probably have a passing acquaintance with babies and how much time they require, or at least trust me when I say Wasp didn't exaggerate. Like, at all.

I had really high hopes for this book because I really enjoyed the rest of the series and I'm happy to say it delivered! The two main characters are well written and complex. They are faced with some terrible circumstances just as the friendship is transitioning into more and they struggle a little to come up with their path forward. They are so obviously in love that you can't help but root for them to make it out the other side. I really loved this story and had trouble putting it down. I definitely recommend this as well as all the other books in this series!

Worry creased Sergei’s brow as he hurried down the hallway to Alex’s condo. Alex hadn’t answered the buzzer and wasn’t answering his phone. Sergei had only gotten in the building by holding the security door open for a woman whose hands were full with grocery bags.

He could hear yelling and the sound of glass breaking even before he reached the apartment. Breaking into a run, he pushed through the partially-opened door.

Like a scene from a bad movie, Sergei had to duck when a wine glass came flying towards his head. It smashed into the wall, splattering red wine all over the white wallpaper. “Get! Out!” Alex yelled.

The cats took off running down the hall toward the bathroom.

Sergei was stunned. What had happened to make Alex so angry in the last fifteen minutes? It took him a moment to realize Chuck was standing there, hands raised, begging for Alex to listen to him.

Alex yelled at Chuck in rapid-fire French as he searched for something else to throw at the man. Sergei couldn’t exactly follow what Alex was saying, but from what he could understand Alex had just found out that Charles was not, in fact, divorced, but still married and living with his wife.

Alex was nothing more than his mistress.

That bastard. Sergei wanted to punch the asshole more now than he ever had. And he’d wanted to punch Charles many, many times.

Alex reached for a plate to throw, and Sergei rushed across the room to stop him. “Alex, no!” He grabbed Alex’s arm, holding it immobile.

“But he’s married! The estie de menteur bâtard d’enfant de chienne, is married!” There were tears in Alex’s furious eyes.

“So I gathered. But do not make the beavers pay for his lies.” He took the plate out of Alex’s hand and placed it back on the table. Then he stood between Alex and Charles, arms crossed over his chest. He used every inch of his six foot six height to loom over Charles. “Is true? You are married?”

Charles took a step back. Most people who weren’t hockey players did when faced with an angry giant. Hockey players just slammed right into him even when he was in the net.

“Yeah,” Charles admitted. “But come on. You can’t tell me he didn’t know. What does it even matter? It don’t change anything.”

Alex tried to get to Charles around Sergei. Sergei easily held him back with one hand. “I didn’t know!” Alex cried. “And it matters to me, you piece of shit. It would matter to Allie, too, if she knew!”

Charles rolled his eyes. “Kid, she would not care. She’s probably glad I’m not bugging her for sex anymore. Come on, Lexi,” he wheedled, “be reasonable. We have fun, right?”

“Get out,” Alex said again.

“It’s my condo, remember?” Charles said angrily. Normally, Sergei could admit that Charles was good-looking in a generic, moneyed way, but the sneer on his face turned him ugly. “So why don’t you leave. No sweat off my back. Aging twinks like you are a dime a dozen. I could go down to any gay bar in town and find a younger, hotter guy just gagging for what I could give him. Your ass is sweet, but other than that, you’re nothing special.”

Nothing special? Sergei had always known Chuckles was a dick, but he was obviously stupid as well. Alex was very special. A hot flare of jealousy when he realized Charles had seen Alex’s naked ass many times took Sergei by surprise.

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