Pros & Cons of Christmas

Title: Pros & Cons of Christmas
Series: Pros & Cons #6
Pages: 87

Christmas time and the gang is celebrating leaving the threats and dangers behind them with a week long house party in the country. It’s the perfect opportunity for a murder.


My name is Charlie Binghman. Well, it was back when I was a conman. Now I’m done. Finished. Out of the business. A vigilante grifter no more. Charlie Bingham is dead for real this time.

All I want to do is spend the rest of my life in peace and quiet with the man I love. (Stop laughing, Shook. No one asked for your opinion.) So, why not celebrate our survival and happiness with a big holiday party? Let’s have a house party over Christmas week, I said. We can invite friends and family. It will be fun.

Of course, it’s chaos from the moment our first guests arrive in the middle of a blizzard. Things go downhill quickly from there. And that’s before a stranger shows up full of questions and Ridge finds a dead body.

Now I have a house full of wanted criminals, an uninvited guest, and a corpse in the kitchen.

If I want to keep all of us out of jail, I’ve got to keep the journalist occupied, keep the guest amused, and keep my grandmother in the dark until I figure out who the dead guy was, who would want him dead, and who murdered him right under our noses. No problem. Good thing I have my team with me. We should be able to figure this out in no time.


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