Pros & Cons of Betrayal

cover of pros and cons of betrayal by a. e. waspTitle: Pros & Cons of Betrayal
Series: Pros & Cons #4
Pages: 420



One thing’s for sure: these men are no angels.

My name? You can call me Carson Grieves. I’m a con artist, a grifter, and a consummate liar. My biggest lies are the ones I tell myself. Like how I’m a strong, independent criminal who doesn’t need a man.

But I do.

More accurately, I need one man. Eric Smallman. The first boy I ever loved. The boy who broke my heart. The man I haven’t spoken to in fifteen years.

Believe it or not, job #4 for and the boys is for me to get Eric back. Or as Breck named it: Operation Get Carson Laid.

Charlie blackmailed the others into doing his bidding. What Charlie holding over me is worse than blackmail; It’s guilt. Even from beyond the grave, the bastard thinks he knows what’s best for me. Unfortunately for me, sometimes he did.

Assuming Eric will even speak to me after all these years, if I’m going to have any chance with him, I’ll have to come clean about my past, bare my soul, and risk my heart. Piece of cake.

Well, this should be fun.

Sometimes your past catches up with you, sometimes you catch up with your past.

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