Christmas Outing

Title: Christmas Outing
Series: Veterans Affairs #2
Pages: 96

Troy and Dmitri have worked everything out - well, almost everything. Except for the part where Troy's family doesn't know Dmitri exists. Coming out to his family sounds scarier than going to war. And Troy would know.

Troy's been out of the Army for almost a year, and except for a few short weeks, hasn't been back to West Virginia at all. Now Christmas is coming, and Troy has to go home or break his momma's heart.

But Troy's afraid that going home with a boyfriend and service dog in tow will break his Momma's heart just as much.

All of the Veteran Affairs Stories ended up bring me to tears and this one was no different.

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Troy leaned against the doorframe, his hands gripped around a coffee mug. “I said, my mom wants me to come home for Christmas, is that okay?”

Huh. Dmitri had never been away from his family over Christmas. He was almost thirty. It was actually a little embarrassing how much his life still revolved around his parents. This could be good for all of them. Christmas in West Virginia. Could be interesting. Probably not the best time to meet the family, over the holidays, but maybe not the worst either. Spirit of Christmas and all that. “Yeah, that will work,” he said. “What’s the weather like there at Christmas?” He turned, leaning against the counter.

Troy stared at the coffee in his mug, shifted his weight from foot to foot. “Um. It’s not too bad. Sometimes it snows. But, ah, I was thinking of going alone. By myself.”

Dmitri blinked at him. “Oh. Well. Okay, then. I’ll tell my mom.” He put his mug down on the counter and grabbed his coat. “Are you working late tonight?” He never knew about Thursdays. Sometimes Troy worked late; sometimes he didn’t.

Troy walked over to stand next to Dmitri. “Look, I just think it’d be easier if I go alone.”

“Yeah I get that, I totally get it. Fine. Do what you have to do.” Dmitri zipped up his coat. “I’ll see you at work. I’ll probably stop by Vincent’s after work for some dinner.” He left before Troy could say anything else.

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