Boy Toys

Title: Boy Toys
Series: Hot Off the Ice #3
Pages: 118

Boy Toys is a heart-warming Christmas story featuring the inappropriate use of a Santa suit, sibling bribery, and ninety separate instances of the f-word.

10 siblings, 7 fish courses, 6 hockey players, 5 cousins, 4 calling birds, 3 spouses, 2 houses & 1 night that changes everything.

Betrayed by first his body and then his girlfriend, Liam O’Reilly, assistant coach of the Seattle Thunder,  is not having a very merry Christmas. So when a smoking hot hockey player in a Santa suit offers himself up like a present begging to be opened? Well, it’s a freaking Christmas miracle.

Boy Toys is a steamy, yet sweet story about two men who have known each other practically their whole lives, yet don't really know each other at all. This story is just a prequel to the their story, but it definitely promises to be another hot read from Ms Wasp. I've loved everything that I've read by this author and if you love mm romances, then this entire series is a must!

Merry Christmas, Kiss my Ass - Joey



The front door slammed open with a bang that Joey Luciano could hear over the raucous laughter and loud voices of the combined Luciano-O’Reilly shared family Christmas party going on all around him. A cold wind carrying with it the faintest hint of the sea and the promise of more snow before nightfall shoved rudely through the room, slipping icy tendrils down the back of the cheap polyester Santa suit Joey wore.

But the shiver that slid down Joey’s spine wasn’t from the wind. Only one thing – one person – ever had that effect on him.

Fucking Liam O’Reilly.

Even with his back to the door, Joey knew Liam was standing behind him. 

Who knew why? Maybe it was his physical presence that pushed its way into Joey’s subconscious. Tall and broad-shouldered with the bright copper hair he shared with his four siblings, Liam stood out even on the ice with a helmet on.

Or possibly it was the massive crush Joey had on Liam that kept his entire being locked on Liam whenever they were in the same space.

“Fucking hell!” Liam bellowed drunkenly over the crowd of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, significant and insignificant others.

Or maybe it was that.

“What in the name of all that is holy is she doing here?” Liam yelled, pointing at the blonde woman who was, as far as Joey knew, was Liam’s girlfriend. At least she had been when she’d left to pick Liam up at the airport

Come to think of it, hadn’t she left hours ago to pick Liam up at the airport? Joey knew she had because he had low-key fought with for the opportunity, but she’d insisted she had to pick Liam up because they had to talk.

But it was three in the afternoon already. She’d been back for at least an hour, and this was the first he was seeing of Liam. That must have been some talk.

“I live here, fucktard,” Michelle yelled right back.

“Yeah, and now I know why you didn’t want to fucking move to fucking Seattle!” Liam’s eyes flashed.

“Language!” Liam’s mother said with the air of someone who knew she was wasting her breath.

Luciano and O’Reilly siblings converged from all corners of the huge dining room/kitchen/living room combination that made up most of the first floor. There were benefits of having six professional athletes, a cop, and an ER nurse on hand for a family gathering, not the least of which was their catlike ability to move quickly through a crowd.

Natalie, Liam’s little sister, was closest to Michelle. A professional goalie used to reading large groups of people, she moved to put her body between the fighting couple.

“Why is she here?” Liam yelled at his mother. “I can’t believe you let her under your roof!”

“Michelle is like a daughter to me, Liam O’Reilly. I see her more than I see you,” Kathleen O’Reilly said, standing next to the crying blond and wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

Joey made his way discreetly through the crowd towards Liam. It was slow going due to the fact that he was wearing a Santa Claus costume and getting stopped every six inches by a kid demanding a present from the sack over his shoulder.

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