Pros & Cons

Book #1
Pros & Cons of Vengeance

Revenge is a dish best served publicly.

A disgraced army ranger seeking redemption. An innocent college student caught in the crosshairs. Can their love survive a mission to expose a powerful senator with a secret he’ll kill to keep?
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Book #2
Pros & Cons of Deception

Their relationship is as fake as the names on their passports. The danger? That’s 100% real.

A notorious hacker with a score to settle. A courageous ex-hooker determined to see justice done. When their fake relationship puts both of their lives on the line, can they survive long enough to admit their very real love to each other?
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Cover of Pros & Cons of Desire
Book #3
Pros & Cons of Desire

I should have ended up in jail. instead, I ended up in his bed.

I’m a dirt poor jewel thief from the wrong side of the tracks, and I don't play well with others. Diplomatic Security Agent Davis Ethan is rich, gorgeous, and privileged. The only thing we have in common is a love of beautiful lingerie and beautiful men. He’s everything I hate, everything I want, and he could destroy me with a word. Too bad for him, the job Charlie needs me to do will destroy him first.
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cover of pros and cons of betrayal by a. e. wasp
Book #4
Pros & Cons of Betrayal

Operation Get Carson Laid.

What Charlie is holding over me is worse than blackmail; It’s guilt. Even from beyond the grave, the bastard thinks he knows what’s best for me. Unfortunately for me, sometimes he does. Assuming Eric will even speak to me after all these years, if I’m going to have any chance with him, I’ll have to come clean about my past, bare my soul, and risk my heart. Sounds like fun.
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Book #5
Pros & Cons of Obsession

When the past comes calling, there’s nowhere you can hide.

A jaded lawman on the wrong side of the law. A vigilante conman with a passion for justice. An obsessed stalker who wants them dead. If they’re going to have a future, they’re going to have to confront the past.
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Book #6
Pros & Cons of Christmas

There are presents under the tree, a body in the kitchen, and a murderer on the loose.

Christmas time and the gang is celebrating leaving the threats and dangers behind them with a week long house party in the country with their families. Including Leo's unhappy parents. It’s the perfect opportunity for a murder.
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