Orphans raised as brothers, Nikolai and Alexei find out the secret of their birth and realize the destiny that binds them could destroy the world.

Book One: Buried Desire

Alexei leaned back against Nikolai. He was tired of fighting. If the only way he could stay with Nikolai was to marry a girl he liked and respected, and give her babies, then he would walk down the aisle with a smile on his face.

cover for Soulbonded Book Two: Shattered Destiny

Book Two: Shattered Destiny COMING AUGUST 22, 2016

"Okay. First things first. Is anything else going to come plunging from some X-Files space portal and try to kill me?"
Alexei hesitated, thinking. "I don't think so. And think more Lord of the Rings, less X-Files."

A dragon rising into the sky

Book Three: Stolen Fire – The conclusion to the Soulbonded Trilogy, due NOVEMBER 2016