Did you know I wrote fantasy romance, too?

Don’t worry, nobody does! However, one of my goals is to have the third book in the series out. If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to maybe beef up the first book.




Look at those covers, aren’t they gorgeous?

Anyway, the Soulbounded trilogy tells the story of two Romani boys who give into their taboo attraction and, as a direct result, find out that neither of them is who they thought they were. The fate of the world rests on them winning a battle they had no knowledge of and are completely unprepared for.

The fact that the boys and their friend Maria are Romani is integral to the story. It effects their actions, their beliefs, and what they see as viable options for action.

Mary Newman was nice enough to lend me her blog to discuss some of the issues I had with writing this book. In case you missed it, I’m posting it here.

Paper Hearts Sneak Preview

Book 4 in the Veterans Affairs gay romance series. AVAILABLE JANUARY 20, 2017 PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON CHAPTER ONE The gold-plated dome of the Denver Capitol building gleamed against a cloudless blue sky. The Rocky Mountains, still snow-covered at the end of June thanks to late spring storms, rolled off into the west in ever-deepening shades…