Excerpt from City Boy. Now with chickens.

The chicken Bryce laughed at Clarice Blofeld – the head of SPECTRE EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 19 – I’m gonna make this place your home (or Bryce’s mother moves in) Bryce had slipped into Dakota’s world with terrifying ease. Instead of disrupting his routine, Bryce’s presence made the same old life new again. Bryce had burst…

City Boy: Hot Off the Ice #1 – Chapter Two

“But we’re friends,” Isaac continued. “And I’m not gonna be the one to light your lamp for you.”

“Light my lamp?” He must be drunker than he’d realized. He had no idea what they were talking about anymore. “Wait. Is that like a gay thing?”

Isaac laughed, throwing his head back.

Bryce couldn’t help but smile back at him. Happy Isaac was hard to look away from. “Yeah, it’s a gay thing,” Isaac said wiping tears from his eyes.

Music as scene motivation

As I have mentioned before, I listen to songs obsessively when I’m writing, sometimes listening to one song on repeat for an hour while I write a scene.  I make up the playlists by going through my extensive music library and listening to snippets to see if they fit the emotions I think I’ll need…