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Hey, check out the lovely review from Love Bytes! (I promise Book 3: Stolen Fire will be out before the Spring!)


(You can see their review for Book One: Buried Desire right here.)


Wow, talk about a change from the first book! While I enjoyed the first book quite a bit, it was all about the mystery, both in regards to the ghost killing people and the origins of the main characters themselves, but in this latest book, you finally get answers and a whole heck of a lot more!

The beginning of the story starts off kind of rocky; the main characters, Nikolai and Alexei are finally reunited but things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. Nikolai is still angry and hurt even as he’s relieved to have Alexei back and there are quite a few bumps along the road to be traversed before things go back to how they were between them before. It isn’t just Alexei that Nikolai has issues with at this point either. I mean, I pretty much just mentally categorized the beginning of the book as ‘Nikolai sucks at relationships of any and every kind’ because he was screwing up left, right and center.

When things start smoothing out is when things really got interesting, however, as the truth behind where Nikolai and Alexei came from is finally revealed which brings with it a whole new slew of problems. I liked the direction the author took the story, as well as the explanations given, and I found the inclusion of the fae and other magic users interesting even as I reeled a little from how different this story was from the last one. Along with the revelations also come a whole new cast of characters to supplement the ones I was already familiar with and for the most part I liked them all…with the glaring exception of one. I hated this character with the power of a thousand suns right from the start and when my first impression proved to be right I kind of wanted to punch them in the face repeatedly.

The story itself was really entertaining, if a little laid back for a good portion of it, but the ending confrontation made all of the slower paced bits worth it as I thought it was fantastic. And then, because I wasn’t expecting it (even though I know how the last book ended) the ending of this one blindsided me and made me mutter some very uncomplimentary things for a full minute after I’d finished. Don’t get me wrong, it was all great but now I’m stuck waiting for the third book to come out so I can find out what happens next and I’m unashamedly impatient. *sigh*


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