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Paper Roses and Paper Walls are finished!

Have you ordered your copy of Paper Hearts yet? One more day to get it at the pre-order price of 99 cents!


Paper Roses is finally finished. 15,000 words of Mikey and Benny’s pre-wedding jitters. Much to my surprise, it was Mikey who had all the issues this time. But we all got through it, albeit with tears. There was lots of crying, and some of it belonged to the lovely women who help me whip this mess of words into shape and me.

A word of caution to my readers – Paper Roses is in a sweet romance anthology. There is no sex on the page. I know! Why do you think it was so hard for me to write!

But never fear, you can read about the honeymoon in Paper Walls, where they boys are back to their usual shenanigans.

Both these anthologies, Cupid’s Bow (sweet) and Cupid’s Arrow (steamy) will be out at the beginning of February if not a little sooner!

But wait, you are asking, (at least in my head you are), what about the reception?

We will get to the reception in the next full-length novel, Bronze Star, which is (drumroll please) the story of Chris and Jay-Cee. This should be interesting, and the timeline almost completely parallels Benny and Mikey’s story. There were things going on behind the scenes. I’ll have this out as soon as I can, but it’s going to be two months, in my estimation. In the meantime, you’ll soon be able to read about the first time Chris and Jay-Cee crossed that line from boss and employee to so much more. Star Bright, is the short, hot story of that night. It’s already written, and as soon as it gets published, you’ll be the first to know.

Plus I am sure there will be more about Benny and Mikey since I can’t get enough of writing them. Besides, what ever happened with Benny’s discharge status? I’ve also found myself wondering what’s going on with Troy and Dmitri, and how I can bring Jake and Ethan closer into the fold. I sense bad news on the horizon for two of my younger characters, Ravi and Danny. The course of true love does not alway run smooth.

That’s it for now! Please let me know what you thought of Paper Hearts, any of the earlier books, and my ramblings here today. Really anything. I’m bored. Talk to me.

I almost forgot!  A video for the song Benny & Mikey walked down the aisle to!



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  1. Sharon Simpson


    I read Incoming as a participant in the DBML program on Goodreads. I am glad you enjoyed my review. I so enjoyed incoming that I have completed the remaining books of the series. I am intrigued by the works in progress and can’t wait for them to be published. PTSD is a very sensitive and dicey subject. As a veteran, I want you to know how much I appreciate the way you handle the issue without overdramatizing, I also found Benny’s story very touching and am dying to know what happened with the issues with his discharge and service connected injuries. I know what should happen so I am really curious as to how you approach it.

    • Amy


      Hi Sharon,

      Sorry I missed this. My website doesn’t send me emails yet!

      I will write about what happened with Benny at the end of his service and right when he got out. It is important. I’m actually doing more research into the appeals process. There is so much about his story that i t can fit into two books.

      Here is a link to the film that inspired Benny’s story.

      Josh Christmon earned a Purple Heart from his service in Iraq, where a close encounter with a roadside explosion nearly killed him. He suffered back problems and leg injuries, but maybe worse than all that were the nightmares, the depression, and the disconnection from his family – ­ classic signs of PTSD.

      Josh’s bad dreams followed him back home. Alcohol seemed as good a way to forget as anything, so one night, he decided to go out for drinks. He was also offered a joint. Josh took two puffs. A week later, he failed a random drug test at work. Days after that, he was less than honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, losing all of his veterans benefits, including his medical care – he got Bad Paper.

      I think that it happens more often than we want to think about. and it’s not right. I did find that you can get your VA benefits reinstated in certain cases without getting the discharge category changed. GI Bill is not the same.


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