Dirty Pool – 3

Mikey loved climbing into bed at night with Benny. Before, he’d moved in with Benny, Mikey’s bedroom had been just a utilitarian place to sleep. Now, thanks to Benny, the bedroom had become a sanctuary. Before Mikey and Jasmine had even moved in to the house, Benny decorated it with thick velvet curtains, strings of multicolored lanterns, and art and rugs from his years of service in Southeast Asia with the Marines.

Carpets and incense weren’t all he had brought back with him. Two explosions had left him with a traumatic brain injury that had recently developed into full-blown epilepsy. The soft lighting and quiet hush of the room helped keep the headaches to a minimum, and calmed him down when the stress started to build up.

Soft ambient music played from the speakers Benny had stashed around the room, and light from Mikey’s reading lamp fell on the pages of his book. He felt Benny’s eyes on him, and he looked over the rim of his reading glasses to meet his gaze. Benny laid on his side, head propped up on his hand.

“Yeah?” Mikey said, smiling.

“I just like looking at you.”

Mikey’s cheeks warmed a little, he still wasn’t quite used to Benny’s frank appreciation of his body.

Benny fingers the soft, worn t-shirt Mikey wore. “I think this is my favorite look of yours.”

“Really?” His hair was wrapped up in a silk scarf to protect his dreadlocks, his t-shirt was ten years old, and he wore the wire-rimmed reading glasses he thought made him look kind of dorky. Dorky or not, he was going to have to start bringing them to work.

“Yeah.” Benny sat up and took the book out of Mikey’s hand, setting it back on the ziggurat of reading material balanced precariously on his nightstand. “I like it because I’m the only one who gets to see it. I like that you can let your hair down — or up, technically, — around me.” He knelt up and threw a leg over Mikey so he could straddle his hips. It was his favorite position, and who was Mikey to dissuade him?

Mikey grabbed his hips, thumbs running along the seam of the loose boxers he slept in even on the coldest nights. Jasmine had been asleep long enough that Mike would be willing to have a little grown up time with Benny. He turned his head to check on the baby monitor he still kept on the dresser. He wasn’t ready to have a locked door between him and Jasmine, but he did like a little warning if she was wandering into their room in the middle of the night. The kid moved like a ninja.

Benny draped his arms over Mikey’s shoulders, fingers sliding under the collar of his t-shirt. “Still want to marry me?” he asking, fingertips teasing at the short hairs on the back of Mikey’s neck.

Mikey shivered. “Of course I still want to marry you. I asked you and you said yes. No takebacks.” Mikey reached his head forward to kiss that spot on Benny’s neck that he loved.

“I asked you.” Benny said, bending his neck to give Mikey better access.

“Hmm umm,” Mikey said, mouth on Benny’s skin. He pulled off. “You asked me after I already asked you. Doesn’t count.”

Benny cupped Mikey’s chin and tilted his head down to kiss Mikey. His free hand caressed the hard muscles of Mikey’s chest and arms. When they were both breathing heavily and Mikey fingers were pressing hard into the skin on Benny’s hip, Benny pulled away.

“We really should pick a date, then,” he said with a final nip to Mikey’s lip. “The church called, they had a last minute cancellation, and they could fit us in on Valentine’s Day.”

Mikey’s stomach tightened, his arousal seeping away. “We talked about that. Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday. A work night. We can’t get married on a Tuesday.”

“I admit, it’s not ideal. But it’s so romantic.” Benny fluttered his eyelashes and tilted his head coyly, smiling at Mikey.

“You’re an idiot.” Mikey kissed him anyway, then reached for his planner, which now was speckled with chili and glitter. Pushing his glasses back up his nose, he flipped it open to the calendar and sighed.

“Oh, that was very sexy librarian of you.” Benny wiggled on Mikey’s lap, grinding against him, before leaning back a little to give Mikey some room.

Mikey put a hand on Benny’s hip to still him. “So, none of the places I called have space on Valentine’s Day, which I told you was going to be the case.” He shook his head. “I know you don’t want to hear it, but I think we should push it back a couple of weeks.”

“Oh, wait!” Benny slid awkwardly off Mikey’s lap, almost knocking the planner out of Mikey’s hand. “I had some ideas.” He pulled his jeans off the chair and rummaged through the pockets. “Some guy came into the studio today, says he might know of a space.” Benny came back to the bed with a fistful of paper scraps and folded business cards. Frowning, he sorted through them, squinting as he tried to read his own handwriting. He shoved Mikey’s legs over and squeezed himself on the edge of the bed.

Absently, Mikey ran his hand over Benny’s leg while he contemplated his to do list. The courthouse was looking better and better. And maybe a nice brunch somewhere. Oh, maybe they could do the whole thing up in the mountains at some bed and breakfast. No, they didn’t have the budget for that. They barely had the budget for McDonald’s. Vincent would probably let them use the place for free. Mikey laughed briefly at the thought.

“What’s so funny?” Benny paused in the middle of straightening out a piece of paper,

“I was just thinking that with our budget, we should just take Vincent up on his offer and have the whole thing at his place. Could you imagine?”

Benny’s mouth dropped open. “I can totally imagine! It would be perfect!”

Oh god. Mikey thought quickly. “I thought you wanted a ‘real’ wedding?”

“I do.”

Mikey took his glasses off again and put them on the nightstand. “Well. I mean. This would just be a party at a bar. And not even a fancy bar like that Speakeasy one. Vincent’s is just a pub.”

Benny frowned. “Sure. I mean, it isn’t the most elegant. But it would be affordable and big enough to fit all our friends.”

Mikey ran his hand up Benny’s thigh, slipping his fingers under the leg opening of his boxer shorts, and murmured non-committally.

Benny squirmed as Mikey’s fingers found the crease of his thigh. He glanced at the baby monitor glowing a steady green on the dresser indicating Jasmine was sound asleep. Mikey kneaded the muscles on Benny’s neck with his free hand, and Benny groaned. “Want a backrub?” Mikey asked, hand sliding ever further up Benny’s thigh.

“No fair,” Benny whined. “That’s dirty pool.”

“Do you not want a backrub?” Mikey started to slide his hand out of Benny’s shorts. Benny grabbed his wrist and Mikey chuckled, fingers pressing harder into the always tense muscles of Benny’s shoulders. Sure, Benny loved sex, but he was a total slut for backrubs.

Benny whined and sagged his shoulders. Then climbed over Mikey with a sigh and lay on his stomach on the bed. “No I want a backrub. But don’t think I’m not on to you.”

Mikey pulled the massage oil out of the nightstand, and then straddled Benny, putting his weight on his hips.

Benny groaned at the first deep push of Mikey’s hands. He lifted his head and twisted around to face Mikey as best as he could. “There’s going to be sex, too, right?”

Mikey pushed him back down to the bed, laughing. “Yes. Sex, too.”

“I love you,” Benny mumbled into his crossed arms.

“I love you, too.” He really did, more than he had ever imagined. So why was this wedding stressing him out so much?