Heaving Chests

Hi all,

It’s another sunny Colorado day and I’m starting at it out my window. Life is glamorous.

I actually caught myself writing the phrase ‘his chest heaved’ yesterday, and made myself laugh. I kept it in. It’s a classic and it does happen. There was no bodice ripping, but mostly because everyone was naked already.

Just a quick update on what’s going on with me and the boys of Red Deer.

I’m working on Paper Roses, which is the story of Benny and Mikey’s wedding and the tense days leading up to it. I decided to expand it and release it as a novella rather than put it in an anthology. I love Benny and Mikey too much to stop writing about them. Look for it on Amazon, with, as always, special pricing for my newsletter subscribers.

I’ll also have an erotic short about those two up on the website soon, for newsletter subscribers. I want to keep that going, put up some of the scenes that don’t make the cut in the books. I try to keep the books on the sweet side of steamy, but sometimes my characters get a little out of hand. I let them have their fun and then cut it. I figured you might want to read those.

Jay-Cee and Chris are up next. I’m at the planning stage of them and hope to get something out in six weeks. There will be a teaser to keep you interested. At least, I hope it will keep you interested!

I’m also working on some more for Troy and Dmitri. And since Dmitri is driving Troy’s truck, Rusty, and not doing a very good job, I thought I’d share a picture of my truck.

This used to be my truck until it died. RIP Rusty. It got stuck on a snowflake and had no parking break, but i loved it.

I came across a great post defending romance against a really rather bad article in the Mary Sue. Both the original article and the rebuttal are a few years old, but they were new to me. It’s sad because I love the Mary Sue and to see this onion-skin thin dismissal of the entirety of romance as a genre hurt.  But Heidi Cullinan had a great response. I’m just going to link it here. Head on over to her blog to check it out.

.@TheMarySue Casually Smears Romance: Twitter and I Respond

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, wherever you are. Remember, if you want to chat, I am sadly on Facebook way too much.


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