Excerpt from City Boy. Now with chickens.

The chicken Bryce laughed at


Blofeld - the head of SPECTRE

EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 19 - I'm gonna make this place your home (or Bryce's mother moves in)

Bryce had slipped into Dakota’s world with terrifying ease. Instead of disrupting his routine, Bryce’s presence made the same old life new again.

Bryce had burst out laughing at the first sight of the Polish frizzle chickens with their wild bouffant of white feathers. His amazement at the different breeds of chickens led to Dakota pulling pictures of several breeds up different breeds on his phone and making a list of the ones Bryce like best for spring time ordering.

“You can get chickens, live chickens, shipped to you? That’s crazy.” Bryce patted the docile Buff Orpington chicken he had tucked under his arm. “Not that there’s anything wrong with chickens,” he reassured the fluffy red bird.

He’d been wide-eyed and nervous when Dakota had picked up the bird and shoved it at him. “I don’t think I’ve ever even been this close to a chicken.”

Dakota rolled his eyes. “It’s easy, City Boy. Just hold out your hands. She likes it, I promise.”

Eyebrows drawn together skeptically, Bryce did, holding the bird as if it would explode.

Bryce relaxed as the chicken relaxed, and Dakota’s heart lurched at the surprised smile spreading across Bryce’s face.

“It’s soft!” Bryce exclaimed, and soon he was carrying her around the farm cradled against his chest, petting her absently as he did.

Pretending to check something on his phone, Dakota surreptitiously took several pictures of Bryce looking like that bad guy with the cat from some James Bond movie.

By the time they had finished gathering eggs, and feeding and watering the chickens, Bryce had named her Clarice, had promised her she would never be eaten, and was halfway to being a vegetarian.

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