Big Gay Fiction Giveaway – Spring Edition


Big Gay Fiction Giveaway – Spring Edition – May 22-29

We are LIVE and GAY!

Looking to discover great new voices in MM fiction? Then the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway is for you! A selection of the finest gay and bisexual historical fiction, literary fiction, new adult fiction, science fiction and fantasy, as well as traditional and paranormal romance, all free for a limited time. Enjoy full novels, short stories, and chapters.

Here's some I've been waiting impatiently for!

Showtime - a super hot short with Chris & Jay-Cee

Parnormal Romance at its best. First one's FREE!

The Open Road doesn't always lead you where you think it will.

I can't get enough of the forced to share a room story.

A pug, a math teacher, and love

Fantasy Romances in Atlantis!

If I ran the Jumbotron, I would totally do this.

A sample of five novels!

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